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  • OSF-SA is very pleased to announce the appointment of three new staff members in our Research and our Programme Units. We hope that you will join us in welcoming them. Next month we will also bid farewell to two staff members and we wish to thank them for their contribution to the work of OSF in South Africa.  Please click here for more information.
  • OSF-SA Senior Researcher surveys the legal obligations in respect of South Africa’s obligation to arrest International Criminal Court indictee and Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. Read the article here.

New Guide: Justice Programs for Public Health

justice programs

New resource from the Open Society Foundation’s Public Health Programme:
Around the world, human rights violations compromise public health. Sexual violence, unlawful discrimination, land dispossession, police harassment, forced medical interventions, and denial of essential services threaten health and wellbeing. Thankfully, programs that improve these communities’ access to justice can play critical roles in deterring such abuses.

Justice Programs for Public Health: A Good Practice Guide is a comprehensive tool both for justice organizations and funders interested in addressing pressing public health needs, and public health groups and funders that recognize justice is as critical to public health as medicine.

*The guide will be available in Russian at the end of 2015.


Download the pdf here.

Marikana Commission Report

On Thursday, 25 June 2015 the Presidency released the report detailing the Marikana Commission’s findings. A full copy of the report is available here.

Watch: Fighting for Sanitation in South Africa’s Schools: Social Audit for Social Justice

Young Leaders attend the Daily Maverick Gathering

OSF-SA supported the attendance of young lawyers, activists and civil society leaders at this years Daily Maverick Gathering. An inspring group of individuals, South Africa is certainly in good hands.



OSF-SA Supports #StopXenophobia

During March and April 2015 violent xenophobic attacks spread across South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal province, leaving seven people dead, several injured and more than 7,000 foreign nationals displaced.

OSF-SA is inspired by the work of its grantees and partners working to address xenophobia in South Africa.

Watch Voices from the Camps – Elvira Modesero by MSF South Africa (For more Voices from the Camps visit: www.msf.org.za/xenophobia)


Watch: Justice and Development – The Post-2015 Agenda

The Open Society Foundations are working hard to ensure that justice is included as one of the post-2015 sustainable development goals (SDGs). From Nepal to Nigeria, we are working with partners to show that it is possible to measure what ‘justice as development’ looks like. The video below shows one way of doing this in the South African context, featuring OSF-SA grantees and partners, through social audits.

For other examples from other countries see http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/projects/justice-and-development

Open Society Foundation for South Africa

Open Society Foundations Chairman George Soros began his philanthropy in South Africa in 1979, funding scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town. In 1993, Soros established the OSF-SA, just before the historic 1994 democratic election.

Throughout the entire course of this process, we have been committed to promoting the values, institutions, and practices of an open, non-racial and non-sexist, democratic, civil society in which the rule of law and divergent opinions are respected. Our efforts focus on four main areas of activity: promoting public- and private-sector accountability; advancing civil society and socioeconomic rights; protecting the free flow of information and freedom of expression; and strengthening justice and equality.

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